ASP Hydraulic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a company which design hydraulic system in accordance to customer's requirement. Our specialty is to provide cost effective, user friendly couple with high performance hydraulic system to fulfil customer's need with satifaction. We strive to maintain a good long term partnership with our customer with mutual benefits.

ASPHydraulic Engineering Sdn Bhd

Company Profile

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build ASP as a brand which well-known on quality and reliability. Our goal is to provide services with great satisfaction and exceeds customer’s expectation. Every products and services that we provide, it must be increase customer confident and satisfaction level.


We do not think win-win anymore, we think win-win-win now. And the 3 win are you, we and them. The most important is third win which is THEM. Once our products can be adopt and benefit to them, then only we could have better future.